A new KLSICCI is now born – similar to our new Malaysia!

Indeed, it gives me great joy to pen this important message with a humble and noble view to Make KLSICCI Great Again!

Within a short span of two months of holding office (by our New Line-up of KLSICCI Office-Bearers for the Term 2018-2020), we have achieved a record of sorts by undertaking and successfully completing a whopping 43 KLSICCI-organized Events and Projects! Now this august extremely well for this new breed of KLSICCI Executive Council (EXCO) Members and also Management Council (MC) Members with their helming 16 Working Committees to serve all members. Adding to the KLSICCI horse power are the 5 District Chairmen and the 3 Co-opted Members’ roles and responsibilities. With so much of sheer and raw KLSICCI POWER, we can rest assured that the remaining 22 months for us to effect breakthrough changes for KLSICCI vis-à-vis our KLSICCI Tag Line is a sure thing and done deal.

Instead of being encumbered with the dreary routines of record-keeping only (though these are very important too in their own right), we are now well-placedto whole-heartedly focus all of our concerted and laser-focused thrusts into seeking and sourcing for newer and more modern avenues of trade and industry, to not only be local national champions but also to skyrocket to the international marketplaces worldwide – not to mention the now becoming a reality terrain-changing Space and Universe market places which are just beginning to come to fruition and make their mark in no uncertain terms.

In view of these GAME CHANGING TRANSITIONS AND TRANSFORMATIONS evolving and happening right before our very eyes, KLSICCI cannot and must not be snail-paced anymore but must be ALWAYS FORWARD-THINKING AND PRO-ACTIVE ON ALL FRONTS (even in the mind-boggling Space-based and Universe-based TRADE AND INDUSTRY MARKETPLACES, by ‘catching the bull by the horns’. Consequently, it is a ‘no-brainer’ for KLSICCI to let bygones be bygones and now strive to RE-FOCUS all of our energies on TRADE AND INDUSTRY only – in tandem with our original goal as espoused by our forefathers and legends of trade and industry per se!

Let’s all put our thinking caps on now – both individually and also collectively to quickly and immediately jump start and seriously consider plus brainstorm as to how we can all ride these new waves of our disruptive yet Godsend eras of technologies in order to PARADIGM-SHIFT our TRADE AND INDUSTRY GOALS, VISIONS AND MISSIONS – both strategic and also tactical. The DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WAVE is well under way. Yes, it is a positive start to our earnestness but let’s not rest on our laurels but instead let’s go ensure that every single KLSICCI Entrepreneur will real soon or eventually TRANSFORM into a DIGITALPRENEUR before the end of our 2-year 2018-2020 Term – a truly high and lofty ideal but one which all of us can easily achieve what  with the Government, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) efforts and Jack Ma’s through his good office (kindly recall that the has given RM100,000,000/= out of his own coffers and also to show his seriousness and urgency, opened up a representative office in the heart of Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur).I do sincerely hope that all of us KLSICCIpreneurs can see the gargantuan potential that has opened up before one and all via these DIGITAL ‘SPACECRAFTS’. If there are still any pockets of unbelief, here’s something for you to GO DIGITAL – Ms. Neelofa, our home-grown Tudung (Head Scarf) Queen, has grown from strength-to-strength via DIGITALPRENEURSHIP AND GO EXPORT INITIATIVES (via MATRADE) to now have successfully amassed a fortune in excess of RM200,000,000/=!

It behooves one and all to become a DIGITALPRENEUR now – RIGHT NOW! In this regard, we at KLSICCI will do our utmost to Coach (2 hands), Guide (1 hand) and Facilitate (No hands – you are now on your own two feet) every last one of you our highly esteemed KLSICCPRENEURS! Let’s all go pluck the low hanging TRADE AND INDUSTRY fruits that are there for us FOR THE TAKING – let us not tarry but hurry to make hay while the sun shines!

We sincerely look forward to seeing all of you pro-active ones to be our future KLSICCI $UCCE$$PRENEUR$ and KLSICCI VICTORYPRENEUR$!Yes, as our KLSICCI tag line says, we are indeed CREATING OPPORTUNITIES & DEVELOPING BU$INE$$E$ (locally, internationally, space-wise and even on the ever-expanding universe frontiers of TRADE AND INDUSTRY,for ALL KLSICCIPRENEURS!


Mr.Nivas Ragavan, Hon. Secretary-General, KLSICCI