Title : Vibrant Tamil Nadu Global Expo & Summit
Date : Aug 12,2018
Address : Madurai,India.


13th Aug,Madurai- KLSICCI was represented by 26 entrepreneurs as delegates to the 1st Vibrant Tamil Nadu Global Expo & Summit which is being held currently from 12th -15th August 2018 in IDA Scudder Trade Chennai in Velammal Campus, Madurai , Tamil Nadu , India . The delegation is led by KLSICCI President Dato’R.Ramanathan .

Vibrant Tamil Nadu Global Expo & Summit (https://facebook.com/VibrantTamilnadu/) is first of its kind of expo focused on the food and beverages sector. The Expo & Summit is attended by more than 180 exhibitors from Tamil Nadu and participation of about 300 international delegates from more than 20 countries.

The summit hosted knowledge sessions on various topics with domestic and global experts from the food industry sharing their insights on latest technological developments/innovations in agriculture, organized food and beverage sector, food processing, packaging, logistics, cold chain, cold storage and warehousing, branding and related subjects coupled with advanced production practices, preservation and marketing tactics.

It was also an immense pleasure for KLSICCI’s Deputy President Mr VKK Rajasegaran to be offered to be part of the vibrant panel of speakers in the Summit . In his maiden address, Mr.VKK.Rajasegaran gave an insights about the F&B opportunities in Malaysia .

This 4 days Vibrant Tamil Nadu - Food Edition 2018, a global expo and summit, intended to showcase the potential of the Tamil Nadu State in the food sector with the participation of entrepreneurs engaging in business activities from farming to food processing, packaging and marketing.

Terming the Summit & Expo as the first-of-its-kind in the country, modelled after Vibrant Gujarat Summit, S. Rethinavelu, Senior President, Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TNCCI) and creative head of the expo and summit, said the expo showcased products that were manufactured in Tamil Nadu .

During the Officiation Ceremony , witnessed by the Tamil Nadu Minister of Revenue ,Thiru R.B. Udhayakumar , a Memorandum of Understanding for Enhanced Business Ties & Cooperation between Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce & Industries (TNCCI)& 10 countries was signed to promote the development of food & beverages sector between both counterparts .

Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KLSICCI) takes pride & honour in this historic ceremony in representing Malaysia to sign the MoU with Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce & Industries (TNCCI). Details of the MoU refers .