Date : Jan 8, 2021
Address : Zoom Town Hall This program was initiated and organized by KLSICCI, Micro Business Development Committee via Zoom Town Hall. This initiative was in form to alleviate Indian Entrepreneurs compromising Start-ups, Micro Business & SMEs sectors, to apply Tekun loan and to disseminate more in depth information on Tekun Loan application process & Eligibility in collaboration with Financing Management Department, Tekun National. This Tekun Loan Scheme Zoom Session, Officiated by Deputy President Mr. Tamil Selvan Subramanian, Moderated by Mr. Nivas Ragavan and assisted by KLSICCI Secretariat. The Zoom Talk had participations by over 130 Peoples in both Zoom and Facebook live. Speaker of the day was Mr. Balaguru Gurupatham, Executive officer, Financing Management Department, Tekun National. The Presentation by Mr.Balaguru was exceptional, which has given huge response from the audience with great amount of retention and connectivity throughout the Zoom program. He had shared vast essential information’s regarding capacity of allocation, Period of Financing together with the Financing Channels which were very informative. He had covered all the Products offered by Tekun National which are inclusive Teman Tekun , Tekun Niaga, Kontrak-I, Mainly SPUMI and Program Khas. After the Speaker Presented his presentation, question and answer session was held in a more comprehensive way on the enquiries of the respective participants. This significant program was much needed at this point of time so that SMEs and Micro Businesses can leverage on and empower their businesses to sustain in the longer run as well as prepare their businesses challenges. For further enquiries KLSICCI can be contacted at enquiry@klsicci.com.my or call 03-26931033 or Wats’aap at 0122561033 so that if you need further information regarding this Tekun loan Scheme we can be contacted.
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